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With over a decade of experience in the transition to practice space, GCPD provides evidence-based resources that support the seamless transition of newly licensed nurses into safe independent practice.


Accelerating Nurses’ Readiness to Practice

The Center for Professional Resources helps hospitals accelerate the timeline new nurses need to practice independently. GCPD resources can help new nurses move into productive staffing EARLIER:

Readiness timeframe with & without GCPD resources:


The Problem We Solve

Hospitals must expedite new graduates to productive staffing and need assurance they are ready to practice safely. Hospitals spend an inordinate amount of time onboarding new graduates outside of the clinical unit when they need clinical experience alongside a preceptor.

Our Ideal Customer

The ideal customer is the hospital that wants to decrease their risk of unprepared nurses, retain newly hired nurses, and reduce the cost of onboarding.

Vision & Mission

We want students and new graduate nurses to experience a seamless and efficient transition to competent, safe, clinical practice. While providing healthcare educators and providers with evidence-based tools and resources that support the transition.

Expected Returns

Customers will see an immediate financial return piloting one cohort of new graduates using RPIs. The financial return can project cost savings based on onboarding practices for new graduate nurses.

Mercy Hospitals of Bakersfield logo

Mercy Hospitals of Bakersfield

GCPD has provided our organization a platform to perform real time documentation on the transition nurse. Mercy Hospital of Bakersfield was using the orientation check sheet for tracking purposes of a new orientee. This documentation was unable to accurately paint a picture of a new orientee’s transition into acute care nursing. GCPD is currently providing SAH system an objective view of the transition nurse. GCPD also provides the software platform for communication with leadership, all preceptors, and the orientee as they navigate their way to being a safe practicing nurse

Nona Goossen, BSN, RN, Nurse Professional Development Specialist, Residency Program Administrator

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics logo

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics

Our organization is captivated by how easy the Nurse Development Resources electronic platform (Engage) is to navigate. This tool supports me in my Internal Driver role to promote standardization and accountability with nurse leaders, preceptors and RN’s assigned to use system. The design provides a transparency that allows me to easily track RN progress and quickly identify areas that need immediate attention.


Thanks for a great product!

Carrie Hamilton, MSN, RN, CCRN, Nurse Professional Development
University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics logo

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics

Our organization was searching for a new platform to document in real time the progress of our onboarding program for nurses. The Engage platform offered us the ability to tailor the orientation process to each staff member but maintain the integrity of the program. The GCPD staff provided incredible support during our transition process. 


The team at GCPD also facilitated our creation of a platform that met our needs as a diverse organization.

Ashley Pond, MSN, RN-BC, Nurse Professional

Development Specialist

UMC Health System logo

UMC Health System

Galen has provided an evidence-based tool that has enhanced our orientation process for nurses. Having this has allowed for open communication for all involved while being a platform to promote positive conversations during the transition period. The modules have been very well received! We have an 8-hour day, and nurses verbalized they are interactive and engaging to do. GCPD has transformed the method by which we assess competency in our organization.  We have successfully transitioned from paper “skills checklists” to true competency assessment and documentation.  Our users are so pleased with the ease of function, site accessibility, and support of the GCPD platform.

Kimberley Stunkard, MSN, RN-BC, Nurse Residency Program Coordinator  
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